Hey beautiful, I am Sandra.

International Multi Award-winning entrepreneur, No 1 International bestselling co-author, International speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, comedian and Happiness Accelerator.

I inspire and can guide you to grab your “Sh*t” and turn it around, so it can work for you.

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My new visualization.

Do you have the feeling that you hold yourself back to feel love? Do you have a deep desire to finally feel free and embrace yourself completely? To feel real love and understanding? Do you ultimately want to be able to love yourself and others to the fullest? You deserve it, and you can do it with this visualization!

I believe everyone has a fire in their soul, that is meant to come out to light up the world.

I inspire, guide and help show you how to grab your “Sh*t”, OWN IT and turn it around, so you can laugh at it, accept it, and let go of the control it had over you. This will help you start living the best life you deserve, to become who you really want to be so when you are at the end of life you can say, “Yeah let’s do this again!”

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I am so proud that I have received 2 International Awards, from the Queens in Business Club.

2021 Best Supporter Award

2022 Speaker of the year Award

Laughter is the best therapy
and love is the best medicine.

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I inspired, guided and worked with people worldwide: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia and Nepal.

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Life is about kicking - Ass,

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Ellen Jansen - van HugtenMalaysia
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Sandra is highly motivated to understand the needs of her clients and will always do her best to deliver more than expected. She is a very honest person with a great feeling for service.
Pim van Rossum, Teacher and section leader Nifterlake CollegeThe Netherlands
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Sandra as on a voluntary basis done a guest lecture about fear and being brave. An insecure student that was unreachable for me for over two years, dared to ask tips on how to stop being afraid for doing a presentation in front of the class. This for me was the best moment of the week with guest lectures. Because Sandra was vulnerable herself the student felt brave enough to do so too. Sandra spontaneously gave 3 tips that the student gratefully accepted. If you can accomplish this in just 20 minutes, in my opinion says a lot about your coaching talents and qualities.
Leslie Rocha – Jewelry DesignerChicago, USA
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Sandra maintains a high level, positive attitude while helping and encouraging others. Her comedic disposition while giving advise makes you smile even through what could seemly be tough times. Her commitment to inspire and coach others comes through in her delivery on stage, in her conversations with people in person and through her writing via personal messages. She has guided me during times of uncertainty, and thanks to her insight, has helped me see things more clearly in my day to day life. Thanks Sandra for being you and for helping me be me.
Sabrina Klein-JoostenThe Netherlands
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Through our conversations I have found peace in myself where I used to stress or worry about situations. Sandra always has a fitting solution even though it might not be what you want to hear in the first place, it is always something that will help you move forward. Most of the time she tells it with a joke so that you immediately snap out of the stress, need to laugh so hard and the whole situations gets a new angle of approach. This gives you a new picture of how you can deal with the situation differently.
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I have known Sandra over a year. She is such an Inspiring Beautiful lady who is very approachable and a patient problem solver. I reached out to her when I was trying to find my way and she helped me chunk it down and focus on what I was good at. This along with her incredible sense of humor, motivated me to find a clear way forward. I would recommend Sandra to anyone, she is refreshing and passionate about helping others and you can’t help but have a good laugh along the way
Koert-Jan de Weert, Sea Scouts Johannes de DoperThe Netherlands
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I feel blessed to know Sandra. Laughter is sticking on her butt and actually not just that bodypart. She has gone through every possible painfull part of life, guess what? She has grown! Sandra is not just on handful, she is a 10! She is a wonderful personality that barely fits into her beautiful body. Inspiring, loving, empathic and down to earth. She is a fighter and laughter is her weapon of choice. Beware for she is sharp as a razor! Capable of shooting a mockingbird blindfolded at the distance of a mile.
AnitaThe Netherlands
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Sandra is very direct, straight forward without having the feeling she is criticizing you. Her feedback is very sincere, and uplifting so you won’t feel uncomfortable. If I did feel uncomfortable I could just tell her. She really gives you the room, space and feeling that you can just be totally yourself with her. Sandra is able to give examples from her own experiences in vulnerability so that you also dare to let go of everything and be vulnerable too. This especially had helped me because I have been very much holding back on that. Not only during the sessions we had but also in my daily life I now am confident enough to show myself as the real me and able to talk about things that I used to keep for myself because I was afraid to get hurt. I am much stronger in my own shoes now and dare to show myself a lot more. Sandra is very enthusiastic and passionate in helping you which is very infectious. That got me extra motivated to do the exercises she gave. What I really liked is that through the sessions Sandra colored outside the lines as well and she is very sensitive for reading between the lines, and move onto that. That way we came on points that needed extra attention without us being prepared for that, she just adjusted accordingly, and that was really nice. Because I had no time to prepare or overthink at first. That way we got to the core of the problem really fast. Despite my fears at start I am very happy that I invested in myself, as this has been doubly worth it. I have been in isolation for years and had a total distorted self-image that trapped me en kept me from growing. I knew I have more potential but I was stuck by the fear of failure. In a very short time I overcome this, by taking a personalized coaching program with Sandra.
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