Break down the walls that withhold you to feel love with this visualization!

Do you have the feeling that you hold yourself back to feel love? Do you have a deep desire to finally feel free and embrace yourself completely? To feel real love and understanding? Do you ultimately want to be able to love yourself and others to the fullest? You deserve it, and you can do it with this visualization!

Lots of people withhold themselves to feel love.

We have all had experiences that closed our hearts. We don’t dare to love our self or each other anymore and put up walls to protect our hearts. However, restricting ourselves from love is the most painful thing we can do. You deserve love in your life! Stop holding yourself back from the most essential and meaningful feeling that humankind knows.

Hi, I am Sandra

Award-winning entrepreneur, No 1 International bestselling co-author,  International Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Comedian and Happiness trainer. I can call myself a master in building emotional walls, too 😉 I have also mastered to break them down and to start loving again. I am here to share my journey, because I know how hard it is. I want to trigger every person that withholds himself from love. I genuinely believe that everyone can feel love and heal their heart to love again. And I want to help you do that, too, because the world needs more love! In this visualization, I share what helped me to start loving again.


Stand up as that loving person that already lives within you; let him or her come out. You are love!

"What others say about me"
Break down the walls with this visualization

During this visualization, you will face all the bad experiences and feelings that withhold you from deeply feeling love and will finally get rid of them. We will replace these feelings with empowering, warm ones. With this visualization, you will break down the walls around your heart and feel true love again. You will also get empowered to have the courage to do so. The more often you do this visualization, the faster you will feel and embrace the love in your life that you and your heart long for.

The key to success is to be able to love!
We all know that being able to feel love is not only important because of our well-being. Being able to give and receive lov4e is also crucial for our success in life. As someone who believes in the Law of Attraction, I think that when we don’t love ourselves, we can’t attract people who really love us. When we cannot receive love, we are unable to really let it in. Love is equal to success, it is the same kind of energy. For that loving myself and breaking down the walls of my heart is a key for the amount of success in my life. As Rumi says: “You have to break your heart until it’s open”. Time to open our hearts and receive all the love that we truly deserve.

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You will receive an e-mail where you can download the visualization. The visualization is a .mp3 file. You can download it to your device and will have lifetime access to it.

The visualization takes 25 minutes to complete. I advise you to do it daily for a couple of months to see a difference.

Visualization is a way of listening and feeling inside of yourself. First, you will deeply relax, and by that, you will get access to your unconsciousness. Then, you will be able to see what is holding you back to love. Since your body and mind can’t make a difference between reality and imagination, everything you experience during the visualization will impact your system. By that, you will make changes to your feelings, patterns and experiences.

Don’t worry as said you don’t have to do it alone, I will be there with you all the way. It is a process and a beautiful journey that you will be taking. You will learn new things, new possibilities, and new ways.

And most of all it does not have to be so uncomfortable or painful, I will make you see how you can Laugh @ your Sh*t no matter how bad it might look now. So there will be a lot of laughter and fun!

Remember laughter is the best therapy, and love is the best medicine.

Jessen James Chinnapan – Multi award winning int. Speaker, entrepreneur, investor, and Mentor UK
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Sandra What makes you Unique is Personal Development through Humour and Comedy, this is your unique gift my dear, don’t ignore it!
Rajendra Shrestha CEO @ Techrida Inc. KathmanduNepal
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Sandra is a Motivational Speaker who is really outstanding. I really love to spend time with her one on one. She takes time to understand what we were feeling and her amazing energy, ideas and insight helped me in many different situation. Whenever i feel down she is the person I would like to rely on. Her mentorship and encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue more in life. Thank You Sandra for your support and helping nature to help me become more confident and build myself.

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