New!!! Digital products for personal growth and development on Etsy

Finally!  As I love to be creative and I also facilitate a variety of classes in my workshop space to create wonderful projects like mood and visionboards various journals, oracles, inspiring gifts and different projects.


Not everyone is able to come and do a Live-class, And people globally have asked me to create some things that they can use. So I have worked a long time on various products, and they are now online on my Etsy shop.


At this moment I have started with a variety Oracle card bundles that you can print and laminate at home. So you can reuse them whenever you want. If you are a coach, spiritual consultant, therapist, mentor you can use the cards in your consults. Though you cannot use any of the digital items for commercial use and / or resell them. 


Also I have created a lot of insight questionnaires to guide you in your personal development journey how you can reflect and grow into the best version of you, the person you really want to be.  These are available in English and Dutch. 


Visit my etsy shop:


And the best thing….. If you use the promo codes that are mentioned with every item so you can safe money!

Buy 2 items get 5% off

Buy 5 items get 15% off

Buy 10 items get 25% off

Buy 50 items get 50% off


In the near future I will be adding more items to the shop as I am still working on worksheets, planners, e-books and guided meditations.


In the mean time if you want a personalized meditation you can contact me as well so I can record if especially for you.

And if you are a business and need a promogift physical I also have some items available that can be used for clients and / on conventions or events as a giveaway (think about key chains, hand mirror, candle and more) with a personalized inspiring message/card all depending on your wishes. 

Email me with your requests:




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