Give love, always.

give love

“We can never know the outcome to the love we choose to give. We just have to trust that it is always enough and remember that no matter the outcome, your love is never wasted.”

You never lose by loving, you always loose by holding back…

Here’s a little of my last experience…

They say when you least expect something, it will appear. And there it was without me realizing. I got all my courage together, took the plunge and finally didn’t hold back, it looked like I lost again, but…. Even when you think you lose, you’re winning.

I found missing pieces in myself again that were gone way too long, the exciting me is back. As if I was freed from all the bullshit I have been telling myself.
I still wish the outcome was different, but instead of beating myself up for not holding back or maybe going too fast I know with the circumstances I did everything in the best way I could I am so grateful for the gift I got.  If it’s meant to be it will happen.

My life was pretty good before all this, I thought I did not even have space or time for anything, but if on every other level I can find solutions instead of difficulties, I can do that with this too.

So instead of a date, I had another update  It takes 2 to tango, maybe I need a dancing lesson first

In every situation you find 3 things:
1. Something to learn
2. Something to be grateful for
3. Something to laugh about

I am happy, hurting and healing at the same time. I can cry and laugh at the same time. Not because everything is good, but because I try to see the good in everything.

Laughter is the best therapy and love is the best medicine.
What if it doesn’t work? Just increase the dosage.

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