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I am Sandra, International multi award winning entrepreneur, International speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, #1 Worldwide bestselling co-author, comedian and the happiness accelerator.

Growing up going through adversity such as bullying, humiliation, various heartache, living with a narcissist, severe depression, being suicidal, mental abuse, miscarriage, assault, medication addiction, gaslighting,  I realized my life was about living on expectations where none of my desires were met, as if I wasn’t even part of my own life, I wasn’t living, I was only existing.

I never thought I would end up in a relationship with a narcissist and suffer mental abuse for over 10 years. It starts so small that you don’t realize that you grow into a situation no one ever wants to be in. Being belittled, humiliated, scolded, threatened even in front of other people daily became the normal, Walking on eggshells, accepting that this was my life.

The loss of my whole social network, losing my self-worth, a lot of money, but most important….. My Identiy.

Hiding this from everyone, I couldn’t even tell my family. The shame and guilt was so enormous, it was made clear it was all on me, I didn’t deserve better I was not good enough or worth more than that.

Life always waits for some crisis to occur, to reveal itself at its most brilliant”.

-Paolo Coelho-

I was saved by a miracle in wrapped in a painful disguise. I got pregnant and soon had a miscarriage. It was even made clear to me that I might have killed my own baby which I believed for years. I needed that to happen to open my eyes.


It took another 6 months before it ended. After 10,5 years it was finally silent.

I recovered, and got back on my feet. I could do anything I want! Yeah, this is great!

I had 2 jobs and a jewelry studio on the side, I loved everything I did, I got to travel, I was even selected to teach a class on the biggest consumer beading show in Milwaukee (USA), how awesome is this! I served different committees, volunteered, and gained a huge social network as I love connecting with people.

Little did I know I got back in a treadmill of  expectations not only from other people but maybe subconsciously from myself. I put myself such high standards always expecting the most of me I could never reach them. Trying to be perfect, being perfect sucks!

Being under so much pressure and stress I got a lot of physical complaints. The GP kept sending me home even when I had some kind of minor heart-attack.

Until the diagnosis was set….. A severe depression.

For months I was suicidal, praying for my life to end. Living another day was the biggest challenge, day after day. I did not have the balls to take my own life, but I went through every option possible. I had already written a farewell letter.

Until I realized, I am here anyway, so what can I do myself, to be in charge of my life?


“When you think you are being buried, you are being planted”

What does happiness mean for me? And how do I get there?

When you don’t know darkness, how can you even know what light is?

When you can’t change a situation, you can change the way you look at it. In every situation are always 3 things: Something to be grateful for, something to learn and grow, something to laugh about.

I took a journey of transformation and self-development. A lot of education to discover how I can live a fulfilling life, learned coaching skills, that initially were meant for myself to become better but this also brought me straight to my purpose in life.

I want to be the person I needed a few years earlier but could not find.

“Make the shit from your past the fertilizer of your future”.

Some of life’s greatest gifts are wrapped in sandpaper. Today I can honestly say I am so grateful for everything that happened, as without that I would not be who I am today.

I have tried so hard to be invisible my whole life, now it’s time for me to stand up. I want to inspire people, if I am courageous, I hope you will be encouraged to reignite that fire in your soul, become the best version of you, to live the life you truly want.  

“It’s not about the cards we get, but how we play the game.”


I inspire, guide and mentor women how to grab their “Sh*t”, and turn it around, so they can accept it, laugh at it and let go of the control it had over them. So they can become who they really want to be.

With all the skills I learned I have a toolbox full of techniques and methods to overcome limited beliefs, restrictive methods and fears that hold us back to live a fulfilling life. We never loose by loving, growing and showing our true selves, we always loose by holding back.


“Life is about kicking ass, not kissing it”.

I launched my concept “Laugh at shit” June 2021.

I wrote a chapter in the Worldwide Amazon No 1 bestselling book “Time to Reign”, got nominated for 5 International Awards, was shortlisted for two and brought home “Best Supporter of the year award”.

2022 was a very challenging year with a lot of adversity, despite I managed to play my own cabaret show, got nominated for 6 International awards, shortlisted for 2 and received “Speaker of the year award”.

2023 has just begun, even though I have some big challenges going, I will not let it stand in my way, it’s only there to show me something, to learn and grow.

I have picked up more momentum, I was just featured in Exposure Magazine and on Exposure Plus TV, which I’ve been told reached 440 million households!

I also picked up stand-up comedy again.  if I can do so much in a few years, can you imagine where this year is going?! I am excited to see what’s next!

I am not special, but there is something special about the way I did it.  If I can get this far you definitely can do whatever it is you want to do too.  If you don’t believe it yourself yet, then borrow my belief in you until you see it yourself.

"What others say about me"

Did you just hit rock bottom?

Let’s celebrate!

First we are going to have a pity-party, Let’s get out the tissues, make sure you have enough chocolate and whatever you need when you are sad….

Now…. Let’s cry it out…. Tears are the washing machine of the soul. Take as long as you need….. Need another tissue? Here let me hand you one. You are doing awesome!  Just breath….  You are getting there……

It’s all okay to feel what you feel right now, give everything the space it needs, it’s there for a reason even though you might not see it yet, soon you will be able to connect the dots.

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Your passion for wanting to help People change their life around is not only inspiring me, but many more people also. You have this massive flow of positive energy which instantly makes people increase their confidence as your laugh is contagious. Your theory behind laugh at shit is very powerful and inspiring. Keep on going and keep inspiring people and making a difference in their life’s.
Elly Luider – Theater maker, Trainer and coachThe Netherlands
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As Theater maker, trainer and coach I have the pleasure to regularly work with creative talents. One of those people that I’ve known for a longer time and am allowed to guide as a mentor and coach with the creation of her theater show is Sandra. Sandra owns a large dose of creativity and humor. She is extremely intelligent and decisive. She listens, observes, considers, puts into perspective and takes action. Qualities that also come in handy and serve really well with guiding and coaching her clients, as that is what she’s been trained for. She is a coach/trainer that literally dares to take the stage, and a cabaret performer that gives her audience and clients a stage and holds a mirror for them to see. Without judgement and always with a striking inspirational message. I have experienced this several times during our meetings and I am very grateful for that. Every coach has a good coach that knows how to inspire, to put out of the well, and lovingly gives a kick in the butt when needed. Thank you so much Sandra.
Lucien Baag, coach Man come out of your caveThe Netherlands
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Sandra is an awesome person and coach. I have the deepest appreciation for the positive way she takes on life. In a humorous way she will give a new meaning or perspective to unwanted events and emotions. Where and when needed she will hold a mirror in front of you to confront you and with the intention to serve you to grow, and move forward. I highly recommend her!
F. van EsThe Netherlands
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I keep saying you are so cool, brave and talented! You are an example for many people
A. de KockThe Netherlands
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I’m a quitter my whole life. I did always give up, still do and am 51 years old now. I am sick of it so for that reason I hired a mentor now. Sandra is a perfect example in not to quit
Habiba AmzilThe Netherlands
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Sandra has a big heart and says what’s on her sleeve. She is very sincere, and a great coach/trainer with you can be your true self. She helps with respect and holds up a direct mirror to reflect you so that you can embrace yourself completely. She will take your hand and together with you strives to you becoming the person you want to become, the best version of you.
2012 - 2015
2012 - 2015
> Winner Speaker of the Year Award QIB
> 6 International Award Norminations
> Billion Lives Changed Ambassador
> Public Speaker School - London
> Supergenius Life - London
> Various Masterclasses/summits on Sales/Mindset/Business
> Reign Like A Queen event - London
> Weekly Masterclass Entrepeneurship QIB
> Caro's Comedy Academy - NL
> Winner Supporter of the Year Award QIB
> 5 International Award Nominations QIB
> Billion Lives Changed Ambassador
> Worldwide Bestselling co-author Book "Reign like a Queen"
> Various Classes Client Acquisition Institute
> Founding Member Queens in Business Club
> Participant Ladies of Laughter (USA)
> Queens in Bussiness Online Summit
> Weekly Masterclass entrepeneurship QIB
> Online summit completely in your own power - Various top speakers
> MIndpower online 6 week training - Robin Banks
> Mastermind coach day Live in London - Jessen James Chinnapan
> Preforming Open Mic in London UK
> Bookology Bootcamp - Gerry Robberts
>Shocking truth about happiness Masterclass - T. Harv. Eker
> Focus Masterclass - Mark Tichelaar
> SBO Survival Guide Masterclass - Jairek Robbins
> SOS Project 3 must do things Masterclass - Jessen James Chinnapan
> Mastering Happiness/life Program - T. Harv Eker
> Family constellations - Tanja Koopmans
> Client Aqcuisition Specialist - Client Acquisition Institute
> Hypnosis Masterclass - Edwin Selij
> How to grow your business during panademic - Nicholas Lee
> Unstoppable You - Jessen James Chinnapan
> Setting goals & year evaluation - Sluis NLP Institute
> Don't believe a thought you think Masterclass - T. Harv Eker
> 500 milion dollar secret Masterclass - T. Harv. Eker
> 12 x succes program - Leroy Seijdel
> Milionaire Mind Intensive signature program
> Power to Achieve - Andy Harrington
> 4 Open Mic Preformances in New York City (Pits, Producers Club Stand up NY)
> Business & Marketing School - Jessen James Chinnapan
> Social Media Bootcamp - John Lee
> 1 : 1 Coach traject comedy - Elly Luider
> Rethink Social Media webinar - Paul O'Mahony
> Automation Queen Webinar - Chloe Bisson
> Business strategy Webinar - Jessen James Chinnapan
> Masterclass living in Abundance Your roadmap to succes - Michael Pilarczyk
> Maximum Potential - Michael Pilarczyk
> NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner
> Personal Mastership - Michael Pilarczyk
> 1 : 1 Coaching traject for comedy show - Rogier Komproe
> Preformance own (sold out) cabaret show
> Happy Succesful seminar - Sluis NLP Institute
> Momentum Masterclass - Joseph Mc Clendon & Rutney Sluis
> Public Speaking & Expert Positioning - Andy Harrington
> Masterclass money mindset 7 skills Masterclass
> 365 days Succesful yearprogram Diamond
> Webinar Develop a wealth mindset
> Workshop live the love
> Workshop presenting with authenticity
> Effective Communication - 365 days succesful
> I live Free Masterclass
> Maximum Energy - 365 days succesful
> The work - Byron Katie by 365 days succesful
> Nature Quest
> Relaxed Entrepeneurship - by 365 days succesful
> Selling yourself - by 365 days succesful
> Super relation Weekend - by 365 days succesful
> Love for my body - Marit Mol & Marleen Duinkerken
> Masterclass dreams to reality 1 : 1 Coaching traject with Sara Adesso
> Masterclass Succesful Entrepeneurship
> 365 days succesful year program
> The Work - Byron Katie class
> Masterclass dreams to reality
> Masterclass crack the relationcode
> Mega Speaker event - JT Foxx
> Super relation Weekend - by 365 days succesful
> Live your dream - By Mascha Boonzaaijer
> Men's secrets online program
> Have the relationship you want online program
> Masterclass stop the stress
> Public Speaking - By Mascha Boonzaaijer
> Masterclass making money with your passion
> Cabaret for entrepeneurs
> Storytelling online challenge Masterclass live in abundance - by 365 days succesful
> Psychic level 1, 2 and Therapist
> Angel basic knowledge
> Angel card reading
> Angel healing
> Angel Manifesting
> EFT basics
> Soul Body Fusion techniques
> Coat technique (change mindset)
> Faith technique
> Come into your strength 1, 2 & 3
> Psychic level 1, 2 and Therapist
> Angel basic knowledge
> Angel card reading
> Angel healing
> Angel Manifesting
> EFT basics
> Soul Body Fusion techniques
> Coat technique (change mindset)
> Faith technique
> Come into your strength 1, 2 & 3